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Added 21th August 2018

The Last Sharknado - It's About Time

Released in 2018, The Last Sharknado, It's About Time, the sixth and final installment of the series.

In an attempt to end his almighty battle with the deadly Sharknado once and for all, Fin Shepard is sent back in time by his son Gil to the Jurassic period to stop the very first Sharknado from forming.

With the team assembled, under bizarre circumstances, Fin, April, Nova, Bryan and Skye, must travel through time in their never ending quest to destroy what mother nature created, whilst carefully trying not change the past.......or future.

The Last Sharknado, It's About Time.

From the humble beginnings in 2013, the Sharknado series has gone from strength to strength, obtaining quite an impressive cult following, dividing opinion and taking the B-Movie world by storm (pardon the pun!).

With the epic series coming to an end, time travel is the obvious, natural and expected direction for The Last Sharknado (TLS) to take (no real spoilers here, it's in the trailer and if you haven't seen the previous releases, what the hell are you doing reading this!?).  

CGI is the name of the game with the Sharknado series (they can't exist in the real world.... can they?), however TLS takes the effects to the next level, working in overdrive mode as it's required....well maybe not required but used in nearly every scene. It is the last one so let's crank it up and make the CGI as extreme as possible, whilst lowering the quality from previous offerings to bring the laughs more to front (some scenes really are laugh out bad).

The story does flow at quite an intense pace, with the occasional rest bite moments delivered whilst the main cast take in their latest time travel adventure, whilst contemplating their relationships with each other......deep!

TLS, a worthy finale to an epic series, as a standalone feature probably just worthy of a watch, but considering the journey we've been on together, it's definitely one to add to the watchlist.

To the cast and crew, a big thank you from all the fans for enriching our lives the Sharknado series, you will be sorely missed.

Sharknado OUT!


Starring: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Cassandra Scerbo, Vivica A Fox, Judah Friedlander, Debra Wilson

Special Appearance: Marina Sirtis, Leslie Jordan, Ben Stein,

Darrell Hammond, Dexter Holland, Noodles, Dee Snider, 

Jonathan Bennett, Chris Owen, Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott,

Anthony C Ferrante, Bernie Kopell, Latoya Jackson, James Hong,

Bo Derek, Gary Busey and many many more......

Director: Anthony C Ferrante

Also See: Sharknado 1, 2, 3, 4. 5

The Last Sharknado is currently showing on the SYFY channel, watch this space for further updates.


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