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About Us

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About Us

Updated 04/03/2019

On the 19th August 2016, The B Club was formed, but not as we know it today......

Originally created as a Facebook Group, members discussed shared and reminisced on, well, all things B-Movie! DVD's where also shared in the group (known as BShare / #BShare). On the 10th September 2017, The B Club in it's current format with the website and all social media platforms was born (NEWS).

Sadly BShare is no more (maybe one day to return), however what The B Club has developed into is a source for Indie, Micro/Low Budget, and of course B-Movie News, Interviews, Competitions and HONEST, BRIEF, and more importantly SPOILER FREE Reviews. Promoting and supporting Indie Filmmakers with their remarkable features that don't normally reach the audience and viewing numbers they deserve, is the drive for The B Club.

Meet the team;

Shaun Jackson - Owner of The B Club

Shaun Jackson - Founder, Owner, Critic

An Englishman, born and bred in Yorkshire, now living in the West Midlands, Shaun's love of Indie Film and B-Movies came from the VHS boom that hit the U.K. in the late 80's and early 90's, where you could judge a new friend by the content and height of their video collection. Starting his career in the games industry as an animator and graphic designer, PR is where Shaun found his next love, working with a company promoting bands who were on tour supporting the "bigger" names. Founder of The B Club and with a passion to support, fund, feature in (a story for another day!) and promote Indie Film.

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Twitter @jackoncc1701

Greg DeLiso

Greg DeLiso - Critic

An American filmmaker based in Detroit, Michigan. Greg's first film, Hectic Knife, a gonzo-meta, comedy was released by Troma Entertainment in 2017 and is available on Blu-Ray, DVD, VHS and streaming on Amazon Prime and Troma Now. He has also directed two documentaries; Canada's Best Kept Secret (2011) and Video Filmed For Life (2017) and a 12 - episode, comedy web series called Fake Henrik Zetterberg (2012). Greg has also created dozens of music videos and short films.  

Wikipedia Page

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Sam Salerno

Sam Salerno - Critic


A filmaker from the suburbs of Los Angeles. Sam directed his first feature, 

The Dark Side Of The Womb, while he was a film student at the University of Southern California. It was released in 2017 on Amazon Prime. He has since directed a second feature called Kiss My Ashes (also available on Prime), and current works as a film editor and sound designer.

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Jane Foster
James Clark

Jane Alexandra Foster - Critic

A filmmaker from London U.K., Jane has always loved stories and has written since childhood, the more she has written the more she has fallen in love with Scifi, Fantasy and Thrillers, "Nothing gives so much scope to escape, or tell stories that have universal appeal and messages as these genres, I also love horror and action too, anything that shakes up the world we live in.". Her first feature, Gracie, shot on super 16 is a zero-budget magi-real tale, that takes place over one quirky night of suspense and drama. Having made three shorts, currently funding her second feature, Day Six, and had several writings commissioned, Jane's love for film is obvious, "I also live for the day when there’s actually a more sustainable film industry in the U.K.".

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James Clark - Critic


A professional makeup artist and beauty/lifestyle editor, James has worked across a variety of genres and expanded into consulting for brands and production companies with a view to project development under his own banner. Founder of JamesC makeup designer and The Lost Project, he collaborates and works closely with brands as well as individuals on the development of the practicalities of makeup artistry as a business, whilst looking at potential projects for his own team to produce. Working closely with companies and finding new support avenues is a passion of his that leads to the managerial side of the artistry business with the Lost Project being set to produce film and TV content for the online sphere.


Columnist for Trend Privé Magazine

Martin Tranter

Martin Tranter - Critic


A full time film buff residing in the West Midlands, UK. A lifelong passion for film has been fuelled by receiving a book entitled “1001 Films To Watch Before You Die”, this has now become his challenge to complete! Lists are his weakness and he is also making his way through all the BFI film lists too. Married to a long suffering wife who tolerates his film geekiness as long as he gets the popcorn in! Although his comic and graphic novel nerdiness is a tad too far!

Twitter @tranter75


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