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Sharknado 4 - The 4th Awakens

Released in 2016, it’s been a quiet five years without a Sharknado, thanks to Astro-X, a company who managed to eradicate their formation with atmospheric stabilizers, called Astro Pods.


Fin, taking time out as far away as possible from any Sharknado, in Kansas, is raising his son Gil on his farm, “April’s Acres”.  However, Fin cannot pass up on an opportunity for a family reunion with eldest son, Matt, so he decides to make the journey to Las Vegas with his cousin Gemini, what could possibly go wrong on a Shepard vacation?


With perfect timing, a storm begins to develop in the desert, forming a sand storm which the Astro Pods are powerless to stop.  With an unknown force, the sand storm roars towards Las Vegas, more worryingly, towards the Reynolds shark themed hotel and its recently installed tank, full of sharks!


The Sharknado is back, with a vengeance!  Evolving from its current form into further monstrosities.


This time, Fin is going to need all the help he can get to take on this challenge, if only April were here, if only a bionic April were here….


The Sharknado story continues and yet again doesn’t disappoint.  Taking inspiration from the likes of The Terminator to Star Wars, you will be gripped from start to finish.  There is no end to Thunder Levin’s imagination, introducing the viewer to likes of a Bouldernado, an Oilnado……and even a Cownado.  If you are not taken in by the Sharknado series by now, you never will.


Another Classic!


Starring: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Masiela Lusha, Tommy Davidson, David Hasselhoff

Special Appearance: Gary Busey, Duane “The Dog” Chapman, Steve Guttenberg (almost Fin), Lloyd Kaufman, Vince Neil, Corey Taylor plus many many more

Director: Anthony C Ferrante

Also See: Sharknado 1, 2, 3, 5, The Last Sharknado

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