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Sharknado 3 - Oh Hell No!

Released in 2015, one year on from his heroics in New York, our hero Fin Shepard, again split from his family, is in Washington DC to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the President himself, senses more trouble is ahead.

Another Sharknado develops, ending the celebrations before they have begun.  Fin, reunited with his new and improved sidekick, Nova and her partner Lucas, battle the elements once again, desperate to get to his beloved heavily pregnant and cyborganic April, daughter Claudia and Mother-in-law May, currently on vacation in Florida.

Meanwhile the Sharknado and sharks evolve like nothing seen before, multiple Sharknado’s combine to form, the “Feast Coast”, a wall of Sharknado’s, hell bent on destroying the East Coast of America. 

This disaster is surely too much for one Shepard to handle, indeed, what if there was another Shepard?  What if this hero worked at NASA?  What if…….this man……..was the Hoff!

Sharknado 3 has landed!  From the humble new born in 2013, this series has blossomed into a thing of beauty.  Incredible scenes, glorious effects and a story of epic proportions leave you drooling for more and more. 


Long may they continue (and someone please make HulkShark!!  Carry on reading, this outburst will make sense*).


Starring: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo, Bo Derek, David Hasselhoff

Special Appearance: Mark Cuban, Jerry Springer, Jedward, Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk*), Jackie Collins plus many many more

Director: Anthony C Ferrante

Also See: Sharknado 1, 2, 4, 5, The Last Sharknado

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