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  "We'll get her back" 


Added 15th February 2019


Re-released in 2018, Gracie, a despairing 29 year old, fails to get up the guts to throw herself off Waterloo Bridge. Ellie, a 17 year old runs up to the bridge, desperate to escape from a man who chases her. In fear for her life Ellie runs to Gracie, begs for her help.


Shocked out of her misery, Gracie grabs Ellie and they escape to what Gracie believes, is the safety of the back streets. But, so begins a dark, surreal, dream like night during which their lives will change in ways neither could ever imagine, and come morning will see them both in a battle for their very lives.

Gracie, a gripping British drama which immediately grabs your attention from it's classy opening credits and gritty introduction of Gracie in her dark personal moment, and then her chance meeting with Ellie in her own desperate situation. 

Whilst the main story is intriguing, despite the slightly underwhelming performances of the "bad" guys, the developing relationship between Gracie and Ellie is where this feature keeps you entertained and engaged, as they fight for their lives and discuss their predicaments

and how they came to being prior to their encounter, which are excellently detailed through a series of flashbacks and cutaways, all through the night until the final conclusion in the early hours of the following morning, where their destiny awaits.

Gracie, maybe not the gritty drama expected, however, shot with a zero budget you cannot help but to be impressed with the value and quality of this thought provoking feature.

Gracie Movie
Gracie Movie
Gracie Movie
Gracie Movie


Starring: Lexi Strauss, Aurelie Amblard, Darren Darnborough,

Gabriel Pac, Chris Rankin

Director: Jane Alexandra Foster


Gracie is available on Amazon Prime in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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