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The Dark Side Of The Womb

Released in 2017, The Dark Side Of The Womb tells the story of Ed, a dwarf, a wee man with a big heart.

Rejected all his life by his mum who doted on his elder twin, Justin, Ed finds love, with a big woman named Linda.

When Linda is murdered by her ex-boyfriend turned killer clown, heart broken Ed, mutilates her corpse with a kitchen knife and climbs into her womb to be "born again."

The Dark Side Of The Womb, he's climbing back in!

Carlsberg don't do synopses, but if they did........

TDSotW, a synopsis that can sell a film without any flash images, arty trailers or even promotion, just simple words! So does the film live up to the expectations? Well the answer is yes, just.

Whilst you may think you have read it all, wait until you see what else in store for you, SPOILER free as per our code, TDSotW does not disappoint with other just as wonderful sick and twisted moments that come to fruition from the dark mind of it's creator, both before and after the EPIC moment.

TDSotW, a regular story of boy meets girl, girl meets boy, girl dies, boy climbs inside and is born again, what a trip! A little slow in places, but a true indie and very original story.

A worthy watch.


Starring: Matt McCarthy, Fay Lytle, Josh Connor, Art Roberts 

Director: Sam Salerno

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