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Hectic Knife

Released in 2016, Hectic Knife, is a down on his luck, knife wielding vigilante.

Cash strapped and desperate, Hectic seeks a room mate to ease his burden.  Luckily for Hectic, cash strong Link is quick to come to his aid, with more pleasure coming Hectic's way in the form of new girlfriend Frannie, a former innocent he saves from the clutches of evil.

Little does Hectic know however, but his life is about to turned upside down by the Evil Piggly Doctor and his trusted sidekick Porch. Hell bent on world domination, can Hectic stop the gruesome twosome, or will it be a cut too deep to handle?

When viewing a Troma Team release, you generally know what to expect.......well get that idea out of your head and welcome to the random world of Hectic Knife!!

Shot in a bizarre form with many of the scenes seemingly not connected, it's like a series of sketches have been filmed independently of each other and then it was decided to make a movie from it. The story does have a beginning and an end, but the's kind of like head banging for 7 days (to some of the films killer riffs), then trying to take your driving test.  That said, it does make for a pretty awesome presentation!!

Some incredible over the top (and lot's of under the bottom) performances, terribly bad hair days, canny cost saving ideas (no blood on the couch now!), stunning effects (amazing hand regeneration, wow!) and knife skills to make the best head chefs jealous (we promise these are real, with zero CGI), Hectic Knife is a very enjoyable experience, with the mash up adding to the fun.

*WARNING* For absolute true B-Movie lovers only...........or it could get messy!


Starring: Peter Litvin, Georgia Kate Haege, John Munnelly, J J Brine, Traci Ann Wolf

Special Appearance: Rockin' Ray

Director: Greg DeLiso

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