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Added 21st October 2021
Review by: Shaun Jackson

The Letters

Released in 2021

The Letters

Set against the backdrop of the Cervical Check scandal that rocked Ireland "THE LETTERS" tells the story of three women from different walks of life who have been given mere weeks to live due to the false results of their cervical cancer checks.

Mary, a woman in her 50's who is the sole carer of her elderly mum with late stage Alzheimer's. Sam, a single mother in debt and struggling to raise her four kids. Cliona, a single career driven woman who rates low on the autism spectrum that results in anxiety and social awkwardness.


Three strangers, with one commonality.....

The Letters, the third full length feature from the award winning Robbie Walsh (see Eden and Split), inspired as detailed in the synopsis by the heart breaking cervical check scandal in Ireland that emerged in 2018. Whilst the characters are fictitious, the story could and probably would have been told in countless households, and to the credit of the cast and crew, this feature is presented in a very real, and raw format. 

We are introduced to Mary (Yeates), Sam (Murray) and Cliona (Carroll), three very different women, all living out their lives, the ups, the downs, the highs and the lows, all unaware of injustice and subsequent death sentence that connects them, unaware that is until that fateful day, hour, minute and second that they receive............a letter.

How do they react? How should they react? What should they do? What about their loved ones? What about themselves? Predominantly shot in black and white with hand held cameras that occasionally and every so delicately drift out of focus, we discover first hand in a very real, personal, up close and what sometimes feels an intrusive manner. 

Inspired by a truly horrific event, the tragic story is delivered with incredibly powerful performances that it deserves throughout, matched by the stunning cinematography and beautiful artistic use of of colour, perfectly timed and executed.

The Letters, a tearful, emotional and sometimes tough watch.........

But an absolute MUST watch.

The Letters
The Letters
The Letters
The Letters
The Letters


Starring: Sarah Carroll, Kathleen Warner Yeates, Mary Murray, John Connors, Chris Newman


Writer: Robbie Walsh

Director: Robbie Walsh

The Letters screening from the 29th of October in selected cinemas, Odeon (Charlestown) Omni-PLex (Rathmines Dublin, Limerick, Cork) Eye Cinema (Galway).

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