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Added 11th January 2020

Review by: Shaun Jackson


Release in 2019


Set against the backdrop of the Irish financial crash, Adam finds himself homeless and unemployed. We follow him throughout one day of his life living on the streets of Dublin, as he struggles to survive on day to day.


We share in Adams living experiences and sometimes heartbreaking encounters with the different people from every walk of life he has while living rough.

Following a homeless man for the day from the moment he wakes up one morning and wanders around the streets of Dublin, doesn't read for riveting viewing. Throw into the mix an almost zero budget...... no doubt generating interest for this feature has been and will be difficult. But other than its worthy cause of raising awareness of homelessness, is Eden an "enjoyable" feature?

What first grabs you about Eden is the quality of the production 

including its soundtrack featuring the band Keywest, what a fit that is BTW. Surely Eden is lesson to filmmakers that budget doesn't have to dictate or necessarily affect the look and the feel of film, offering in places a gritty, documentary type vibe, especially when Adam, (impeccably played by Elliott), is alone with only his thoughts, surroundings, imagination, and the odd, sometimes friendly animal to occupy his time.

Attention is then directed to the story. As the day progresses for Adam he meets and we see a wonderful array of people, as expected the 

good, the bad, the nasty and the misunderstand. Brief flashbacks and 

excellent dialogue help to build his story and create a connection with the viewer.

This review was written in January, cold outside isn't it? Makes you think....... we all could be only a mistake away, be unfortunate or unlucky to be in the same position as Adam, Eden captures his predicament perfectly in stunning fashion that should, and will keep you engrossed, play with your emotions and tug at your heart strings.

Eden, as heavenly as the title.........EPIC!



Starring: Johnny Elliott, Nicci St George Smith, Sarah Carroll

Director: Robbie Walsh 

Eden is streaming now on Prime in both the UK and USA, don't miss out!

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