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  "I’ll kill your budgie; I’ll kill      your fucking hamster!"     


Added 2nd August 2020

Review by: Martin Tranter


Released in 2018


A pitch black comedy sees a film crew follow two Dublin hit men throughout two days, as they go through a list of targets and a day to day routine that involves dealing with each other’s flaws as they endeavor to discuss modern social issues in both a hilarious and controversial fashion.

Robbie Walsh stars and directs in Split, the mockumentary style film where he plays one half of a hit man duo. He and his partner are followed by a film crew as they move from one hit or situation to another.

The duo has everyday conversations about a whole manner of subjects which bring a smile to the face as you know you have had these conversations yourself. The Bond v Bourne conversation comes up at the most inopportune time!

The “hits” are well put together and well-choreographed. Some of the cast are MMA fighters and martial artists which shows in the action sequences.

Split is a well-made film on a limited budget. The cast do well with their scenes and it zips along for its short running time. These mockumentary films are not to everyone’s taste but due to the subject matter this is a little different and is well worth a try.

A Solid Low Budget Comedic Action Mockumentary with Great “Hits”!



Starring: Robbie Walsh, David Alexander Roache, Damien Dempsey, Cathal Pendred, Jenny Dixon

Director: Robbie Walsh


SPLIT is available now Prime in both the USA and UK.


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