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Added 24th June 2018

Jurassic Predator

Released in 2018, Jurassic Predator, scientists working at a top secret government research facility are conducting experiments to resurrect a dinosaur using prehistoric DNA.


The scientists believe the experiment will lead to fame and fortune but instead it leads to death and destruction when the terrifying

T-Rex grows at an accelerated pace. After rampaging through the research center, the fearsome creature escapes into nearby Devil's Creek.


The government hires a squad of deadly mercenaries to lead a search and destroy mission. It's man against the most vicious beast of all time - and neither will survive while the other is alive.......

Jurassic Predator, the latest release from Andrew Jones, famous for delivering some classic B-Movie titles, including the Robert series, Werewolves Of The Third Reich and many more. Having once again assembled the trusted "gang", high hopes are expected for this potentially huge creature feature production. 

Early scenes see JP starting to climb the rickety B-Movie ladder to the success, with the T-Rex making an early exciting appearance, killing on mass as it escapes the facility into the apparently difficult to access Devil's Creek (a classic B moment, this comment will make sense on viewing the "elite" teams entry!).  

Character introduction and development is at the usual AJ levels, with OTT performances provided by all as the squad is put together in "Magnificent  Seven" style, more ascendance up that pesky ladder, and then the hunt for the Jurassic Predator commences.

In Classic B-Movie style, being a gigantic, heavy footed docile creature, stumbling through unfamiliar surroundings, doesn't stop it from being an expert in the art of ninja and invisibility to remain hidden. Also like the classic monster movies of yesteryear, no CGI is used here for the Tyrannosaurus Tyrant, just good old fashioned puppeteering adding to the enjoyment, with the only downside of this being limited viewing of the beast and the knock on affect it has on the actual kills scenes.

That rickety ladder rather annoyingly does break a couple of runs as the story unfolds, stopping JP from being a classic. A lack of  action and T-Rex interaction with prolonged dialogue creating too much of a lull in the flow, combining in causing the downfall.

That said, JP is an enjoyable "B-Movie" watch, and if........if sequels are to follow, epic things should be and will be expected from the benchmark set here.

Jurassic Predator, highly recommended but could and should have been at least a gem.



Starring: Lee Bane, Mark Lee Jones, Derek Nelson, Darren Swain, Jason Homewood, David Lyndon, Harry Russell, Claire Carreno,

Richard Dee Roberts, Nathan Head, Megan Lockhurst

Special Appearance: Andrew Jones

Director: Andrew Jones

Available now on DVD from all good stockists.

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