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The Revenge Of Robert

Released in 2018, The Revenge of Robert, set in Nazi Germany, two secret agents, one working for the British intelligence and the other working for the Nazis, board a train. Their mission is to find a Toymaker who is in possession of a mystical book which gives life to the inanimate.


As the two secret agents close in, the Toymaker has no idea who to trust, only Robert can help him and Robert will stop at nothing to protect his puppet master.


And so begins a blood soaked battle aboard the train as the Toymaker and the killer doll fight to survive. Only the victor will get off at the next stop.


The Revenge of Robert, a sequel to the prequel to the sequel of it’s prequel.....or to put it another, the fourth in the series. With the previous incarnations leaving much to be desired, like a fine wine this latest edition has improved with age....not quite at the chianti level, but an improvement nonetheless.


In true Robert style, his introduction is a little slow, however this time around his delayed appearance helps to develop the characters, build the tension and eventually complete the story of Roberts being.


As a stand-alone film, The Revenge of Robert does leave a lot to be desired, mainly as previously stated due to its pace. But for the brave souls who endured the first movie, the legends who made it all the way through the second, and the elite whose taste buds were tickled by the half decent third, the fourth in the series keeps the story ticking over binding together all the movies, with plenty of twists, more kills (with attitude) and full closure on story of our adorable little friend.


A worthy watch for fans of the series only.......ending with three immortal words that will either give immense pleasure, or haunt you until your dying days......... “Robert Will Return”.


Starring: Lee Bane, Gareth Lawrence, Eloise Oliver, Derek Nelson, Harriet Rees

Director: Andrew Jones

See Also: Robert, The Curse of Robert, The Toymaker

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