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Werewolves Of The Third Reich

Released in 2018, Werewolves Of The Third Reich, set in Nazi Germany at the height of World War II, a ragtag group of American soldiers known as "The Fearless Four" are shipped off to a military prison.


While they're being transported, Nazis attack the convoy, killing the MPs, but the rebellious American soldiers manage to escape.


Travelling deep into rural Germany, they soon discover a diabolical plan by the evil Doctor Mengele to fuse human and animal DNA to create an unstoppable army of Werewolf Nazi soldiers.


The Fearless Four are now the allied forces only hope of preventing Hitler's Third Reich gaining the upper hand in the War.


It's a fight to the death and only the most brutal and merciless will survive!


Werewolves Of The Third Reich, a colossal title in the world of B-Movies! If you start with "Werewolves" and end with "Third Reich", you best come out punching! Initially, WotTR does just that! The key word here however is "initially".

Whilst we have an abundance of "Third Reich" with concentration camps, evil doctors, multiple Nazi's and even an appearance by Adolf Hitler himself (you can't get much more Third Reich than that!), we then have to hunt for the elusive "Werewolves".

With the distinct lack of werewolves (they do eventually appear,

not really an army of them, or even a pack, but they do arrive......... just about!), something else is needed to save this B-Movie, something entertaining, something so OTT it can steal the show,

thankfully we have The Fearless Foursome and SS Officer Hess.

The Fearless Foursome, led by the Eastwood-eske 'Don't Call Me Mad Dog' Murphy, a band of brothers inspired by "The Wild Geese" or "Inglorious Basterds", offer great entertainment with their unique take of Americans in WWII.

And then there is SS Office Hess, a memorable display of evilness with his legendary Nazi ways, there is no doubt that Hess is the true bad guy here............ oh and the werewolves.....where are they again?

WotTR is entertaining, werewolf driven no, but an entertaining encounter nonetheless.     


Starring: Lee Bane, Derek Nelson, Gareth Lawrence, Kwame Augustine, Darren Swain, Suzie Frances Garton, Francesco Tribuzio


Director: Andrew Jones

Available on DVD in most stores from 19th February 2018;

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