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Added 19th July 2018


Released in 2017, Insomniac Roger Humphries has been suffering from sleep deprivation all his life. With each year getting deeper and deeper into a hole of which he doesn't think he'll ever return. 

In a last ditch effort to cure himself he goes to the aid of a sleep specialist who in return uses Roger as his own personal guinea pig to test a new drug.

The problem is the exhaustion on the mind and body has Roger seeing things that aren't there, but with the new meds he'll soon be seeing things in a more horrifying light.

Insomniac, sleep........

Insomniac, a short presentation (36 minutes) from Boombastic Films, and to be fair, it's a bit of a cracker, a thriller come horror cracker!

Following Roger on his brief dark trip (again, the movie is just 36 minutes long including the credits!), to his hallucinatory state caused by his insomnia and the experimental "safe" drug provided by Dr. Pleasance (Boutin), we see a very rapid decline in his health and sanity, very rapid indeed, but where will it end.....apart from in less than 36 minutes?

Usually with a short feature, developing a relationship between the main character(s) and the viewer is difficult, however on this occasion, an epic performance by Chandler and the capture of his portrayal of the unfortunate Roger by the Director (Fisher), the connection is quite remarkable and key to the enjoyment of Insomniac.

Accompanied by some excellent tension building scenes with plenty of "jumpies" for the guys hiding behind their fingers and the sofa, Insomniac doesn't disappoint and will keep you guessing at what is real or not.

Insomniac, highly recommended, it's only 36 minutes you know, why wouldn't you?


Starring: Richard Chandler, Ray Boutin, Alexander Hauck,

Sabrina Dennison

Special Appearance: James Balsamo, David McDonough

Director: Mathew Fisher

Also see: Groundhog, DJ Stan Da Man

Insomniac is due for digital release in the Fall of 2018 and is continuing on the festival tour, for further information keep an eye on The B Club or check out;

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