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Added 20th June 2018


Released in 2017, Groundhog, lays witness to a man, Logan Tanner, a cameraman for a news anchor, lose everything in his world whilst on location in a sleepy town, celebrating Groundhog Day!

Years later, and still being haunted by the horrific events of that day, washed out on drugs and therapy having no affect, the cracks begin to show until he reaches breaking point.

Logan goes on a homicidal mission, slashing through everyone, and everything that gets in his way until he reaches his ultimate goal, the death of the pesky groundhog!

This year, the groundhog's prediction will be six more weeks of killing.....

GROUNDHOG! When winter ends, the killing begins!

Groundhog, a movie you may think you have seen over and over ...........think again! There can be only one Groundhog as far as Logan cares, and he has had a rough time since his "Downfall", but not nearly as rough as his soon to be victims of his murderous rampage.

Groundhog offers generally what you would expect from a holiday period slasher movie, including lots of imaginative ways to  produce the beloved red stuff!   

Filmed with an incredibly low budget, B-Movie mastery is in a league of it's own here, namely in two areas......special FX and audio.

Firstly the effects, if in doubt, throw in more blood, works every time, gallons of it in fact.......along with snow.....yes snow! Gallons of it also, never settling and moving with the camera, you will chuckle with delight at every drop of this CGI wonder!

Secondly the it's pretty obvious that post production   there have been issues! We go from crystal clear pitch perfect(ish) audio (that doesn't actually fit within the movie, in a strange B way!), to crackly, almost inaudible and to being total out of sync. All of which adds to the enjoyment of Groundhog! Come on, everyone loves hearing a victims throat being cut then seeing the actual event afterwards (no spoiler's a slasher!)!

Overall Groundhog is an enjoyable B-Movie, and that's what it is, a B-Movie, not a Bad Movie, a B-Movie, and should be enjoyed and celebrated that way, along with a killer "metal" soundtrack and cautious product placement, adding to the fun.

Groundhog, a worthy watch.....maybe again and again.......


Starring: Sam Hays, Alexandra Cipolla, Lilith Astaroth, Rick Chandler, James Balsamo, Kissa Gwendolyn, Alexander Hauck, Ken Holmes, Derek Buccheri, Amy McDonough, Mathew Fisher

Special Appearance: David McDonough

Director: David McDonough

Available from July 2018, watch this space for further information or check out;

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