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Added 16th July 2018

DJ Stan Da Man

Released in 2018 (DVD), DJ Stan Da Man, a washed up, once was rock star DJ with serious attitude.

In his day he was playing all the big clubs living the life of a superstar, now he's gotten older and the competition is younger and stronger.

He struggles to survive in the crazy dog eat dog world of wedding DJ's, but with the assistance of his crew of misfit co-workers, can DJ Stan, still be Da Man?

It's dark, it's gritty... it's the wedding business.

DJ Stan Da Man, a character driven comedy about self belief, friendship and never giving up on your dreams, regardless of others opinions of you.........and living life with attitude!

The general story flows, without breaking any grounds as it plods along in a predictable, yet very humorous way.

Whilst DJ Stan is funny with his "I'm Da Man" style, believing he was and still is the best DJ in town, the true comedy however is led by the supporting characters and their interaction with him.


Additional random twists, turns and sometimes seemingly detached story lines leave you scratching your head and wondering what the hell that was all about, whilst chuckling away at the events that just unfolded.

DJ Stan Da Man, a DJ-ocumentory with a series of additional sketches that upon completion, leaves you with that happy warm feeling inside.

An excellently presented low budget B-Movie feature, definitely a worthy watch, bordering on becoming a cult classic.      


Starring: Chace Carson, Frankie Imbergamo, Peter Morse, Alexander Hauck, Heidi Rhodes, Jon Pierce, Tyler Clayton Appel, Eddie Nason

Special Appearance: Mathew Fisher

Director: Mathew Fisher

Available on DVD from July 2018, for further information check out;

Facebook - Boombastic Films / DJ Stan Da Man

Twitter - @BoombasticFilms

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