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The Evil Dead II

Released in 1987, The Evil Dead II is a.....remake.......sequel...

REQUEL of the classic that hit the general public in 1981, the movie that was subsequently band!

Ash is back, eventually, for a break with his beloved girlfriend Linda, erm, back to the cabin in the woods.

After accidentally reincarnating demons from a tape and an.... of flesh.........found in the cabin... Ash once again battles with the forces of evil.

Although it sounds like you are watching the same movie, what you will discover is perfection on a screen.  Raimi and Campbell have amazingly managed to improve the original Evil Dead, without getting it banned!!

The horror, the humour, the effects, what is not to love?


An absolute must watch, either first or second....or fecond!

THE B CLUB RATING :  B b b b b  *

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Denise Bixler

Special Appearance: Ted Raimi

Director: Sam Raimi

See Also: Evil Dead, Army of Darkness

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