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The Evil Dead

Released in 1981, The Evil Dead is a story of five college students taking a vacation in a cabin located in a remote forest.


Whilst exploring their dwellings they come across an old tape recorder and strange looking book, made of flesh.  Unknowingly,

the friends awaken sleeping demons, hell bent on their possession, terrorisation and eventual death.

Will the five students fend off the evil spirits, will they survive the night and escape, the cabin in the woods.

Sam Raimi knew he was onto a winner with his first mini feature of the Evil Dead series, Within the Woods.  From this humble beginning, he not only created  these legendary B-Movies, but also officially introduced us to the mighty Ashley J Williams.  

Originally banned due to "that" tree scene, the Evil Dead quickly obtained a cult following, with the ban no doubt increasing the popularity of the movie and subsequent sequels.

An absolute must watch!

THE B CLUB RATING :  B b b b b

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss

Special Appearance: Ted Raimi, Ivan Raimi

Director: Sam Raimi

See Also: Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness

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