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Army of Darkness

Released in 1993, the third (up for debate) instalment of the "Evil Dead"

series see's Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell bringing back to life one of the best B-Movie characters ever created, yes, Ash is back!

Back in the real world, the movie begins with Ash, living the dream as a discount supermarket assistant, before being transported through time and space into the middle ages.  With car, mechanical arm and boom stick in tow, Ash's battle with the undead and the Necronomicon continues.


No spoilers her folks, however it is worth noting the alternate endings, one for the true fan and one for our friends (who shall remain nameless), that need a happy ending.......


Bruce produces a stunning performance (or performances!) of Oscar quality, indeed this is a role he was born for.  With amazing stop-go animation and blue screen effects worthy of a big budget film (back in the day), along with even more dark humour, action and love interest, this is indeed not only a must see for any B-Movie, but also any movie fan.


Starring: Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz

Director: Sam Raimi

See Also: Evil Dead, Evil Dead II

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