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 "You were in my dreams last night" 

The Man With The Magic Box

Added 13th April 2019

Review by: Jane Alexandra Foster

The Man With The Magic Box

Released in 2019

The Man With The Magic Box (AKA Czlowiek z Magicznym Pudelkiem)

A time jumping story centres around a pair of lovers, set eighty years apart. When Adam becomes a janitor in a 2030 office block, he falls for high powered Goria, who’s superior to him. However the couple quickly become tightly, emotionally entwined with each other, and social differences fade, until Adam discovers an antique box, which sends him across time, leaving Goria lost. As she tries to find out what has happened, she embarks on a journey into time that will change them both forever.

Beautifully shot, with wonderful production design, ‘The Man with the Magic Box,’ really evokes an atmosphere. The lovers, played by Olga Boladz and Piotr Polak have great chemistry, and can both really act. The direction by Polish talent Bodo Kox is strong, timed perfectly and draws the viewer into the worlds of 2030 and 1952 wonderfully.


The world of 2030 has been meticulously created and feels very natural, with no neon signs or pop art interiors, just a probable view of how our city life will evolve. Some of it’s bleak, and some not so, but it all serves to set the story of the time crossed lovers, and is a character in itself. The period sets are good too, but do have a slightly dreary look, probably because Poland was communist in the 1950’s. However, added up both periods work well, and tell a very ‘visual’ story.


If there were to be a criticism, I’d say this is where the film slightly falls down. It suffers from a middle bit that could be labelled as having a touch of the dreaded, ‘second act sag.’ However, this is a bit hard to tell if viewing with English subtitles, as often the more subtle language nuances can get lost, which might give the visual references far more pace.   


The score is evocative and beautiful, and builds throughout the film until the audience is actively waiting for the next bit, so much is the music part of the story. Yes, it’s all very Polish, artistic and thematic, but it’s a good example of that, and should cross over to a wider commercial audience.


Good date film if you’re both Sci-fi geeks. Try to see on a bigger screen, as the visuals and music really deserve it.

The Man With The Magic Box
The Man With The Magic Box
The Man With The Magic Box
The Man With The Magic Box


Starring: Olga Boladz, Piotr Polak, Sebastian Stankiewicz  

Director: Bodo Kox

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