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Ultraviolent (Pri)sons Teaser Trailer

When an underground marketplace of illegal activities is besieged by an army of bloodthirsty assassins, a ragtag group of criminals must band together to fight for survival.

(Pri)sons, probably the most violent film ever coming out of Finland.

The film stars Jarmo Pukkila (Tuftland), Ari Savonen (Tuftland), Jere Saarela (Red Static), Gareth Lawrence (Werewolves of the Third Reich), Veera W. Vilo (Free Skate), Ilkka Koivula (Sisu), Renne Korppila (Rendel), Sami Huhtala (Rendel), Markus Tilli (Free Skate) and Karoliina Blackburn (Hormones!). The film introduces Katriina Rajaniemi as the female lead.

(Pris)ons is due for release early 2024.


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