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The Patrolman Official Trailer 2023

Ray Martin Films is proud to announces the upcoming release of the horror comedy

The Patrolman.

Directed by Ray Martin

Written by Ray Martin and Damon Forte

Starring Ray Martin, Johnath Davis, Damon Forte, Tony Stavola

USA I 2023 I Horror, Comedy I 49 minutes

Days from retirement, a veteran detective and his partner must race against the clock to stop a serial killer before it's too late. As the bodies pile up, they start to wonder if the killer is one of their own, and if they may be next.

"The Patrolman is my first foray into the horror genre, and an homage to 80s style horror" said Martin. "I grew up with Manic Cop and Friday the 13th, and hopefully the film gives fans of those classics a thrill."

The film stars Terrifier 2's Johnath Davis, Ray Martin (Micki, Happy Hour Slasher), Damon Forte (A Christmas Reckoning), and Tony Stavola (Fuggeddaboutitt). It is directed by Ray Martin, written by Damon Forte and Martin. Produced by include Tom Rafferty, Craig Beazer, and Kate Naughton.

The Patrolman, COMING SOON


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