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  "Who you going to call? Ghostbusters?"  

Ghost Killers VS Bloody Mary

Added 3rd September 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Ghost Killers vs Bloody Mary

Released in 2019

Ghost Killers vs Bloody Mary (English subs) 

Four YouTubers with an "expertise" in supernatural Reality Shows want to broaden their reach with edgier content. So when they receive a call to exorcise a demon haunting the toilets of a local high school, they accept without hesitation.


But the spirit they encounter is none other than the urban legend

Bloody Mary and locked in the building with hysterical students and randy teachers, they must endure every nasty nightmare to survive.

Ghost Killers vs Bloody Mary, billed as Ghostbusters meets Braindead(AKA Dead Alive), no pressure there then!

Upon initial viewing it's clear that Ghost Killers is a feature of real high quality, hence the darkside interest and involvement (WB), which would "normally" mean The B Club wouldn't review, however, rules are made for breaking......let's just call this a B-Movie and move on :-)

Ghost Killers promises a lot, and thankfully delivers with plenty, plenty of jumps and genius comedy moments, very much assisted by an exquisite and a very over-dramatic score and immaculate editing.


Whilst the story may not be too original (how many movie references!), who cares when you have a cast that bond as well as they do here, who also fully entertain, and who hopefully didn't mind being covered in lashings of the red stuff and being subjected to awesome practical effects, all which scare the living crap out you and leave you yearning for more.

Ghost Killers vs Bloody Mary, an epic Brazilian export with plenty of scares and barrel loads of laughs.

Who you gonna call........Ash? Oops, sorry another movie reference......of course, it's Ghoulbusters!

ghost killers vs bloody mary
ghost killers vs bloody mary
ghost killers vs bloody mary
ghost killers vs bloody mary


Starring: Danilo Gentili, Murilo Couto, Léo Lins, Dani Calabresa, 

Bárbara Bruno, Matheus Ueta, Pietra Quintela

Director: Fabrício Bittar

Ghost Killers VS Bloody Mary from Raven Banner received it's World Premiere at Arrow FrightFest 2019.

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