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Braindead (AKA Dead Alive)

Released in 1992, Peter Jackson released upon the unsuspecting public a movie so good, they named it twice, Braindead / Dead Alive.

Lionel, living at home under the guidance of his over protective mother Vera, is hopelessly falling in love with a local girl, Paquita, much to Vera's disgust.  Whilst following the besotted couple on a date to a local zoo, Vera is bitten by an endangered and odd looking Rat-Monkey, unaware of the consequences.

Lionel, obviously in shock, does his best for his mother, however, keeping mother under control was never easy in life, but in death.....

To say this B-Movie is a gorefest is an understatement, Jackson's love affair with the red stuff is obvious from his previous outings, but this B-Movie is on a whole new level.


The (dark) humour is not to everyone's taste and the gore is legendary, (gore probably mentioned enough now!!), however, if you are up for the challenge you are in for a treat.......just not after eating!


Starring: Timothy Balme, Diana Penalver, Elizabeth Moody

Special Appearance: Peter Jackson, Ian Watkin

Director: Peter Jackson

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