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Welcome to The B Club, supporting all things Indie, Low/Micro Budget and of course, B-Movies.


What’s a B Movie you ask? And a typical answer? Low budget, underdog features which used to play with the big, ‘A’ film in the early days of cinema. Low budget yes, sometimes a bit bonkers, but often highly original, The B Club gives all underdogs a chance!  

We are building a community of fans, ranging from true independent  releases, to the love of movies with sharks in a tornado and indeed, killer puppets, tomatoes and donuts (they are out there!)

So if you are a lover of B, Low/Micro Budget or Indie Movies, come join in the fun here, and on all our social media sites.

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No longer will Indie, Low Budget and B-Movies be reviewed and rated unfairly alongside their huge budget and smash box office cousins.

The B Club promises to rate every movie as it is intended, keeping reviews brief and more critically, SPOILER FREE!

Fan or Member reviews and comments are also encouraged.

All the latest in the world of Indie, Low Budget and B-Movies can be found here. 


News ranging from whispers and rumours to the latest release information and updates from festivals around world.


Maybe there's news of a B-Movie star turning to the big budget darkside, shame on you Clooney, Aniston & DiCaprio!

Exclusive interviews from your favourites and rising stars in front of and behind the scenes.

Insights from Actors, Directors, Producers and everyone involved in the wizardry arts of movie making.


What secrets will be divulged from these magicians of this EPIC art form......



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