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Zombiesaurus (AKA Z/Rex)

Released in 2017, Zombiesaurus combines two of our favourite genres into one movie with the hope of an epic outcome.

The Axis of Evil, assisted by the obligatory mad scientist, attempt to bring death and destruction to America by unleashing deadly EMP blasts and a lethal zombification toxic gas.

The government enlist the help or a rebel militia group, led by Cuchilla and surely the hardest man on the planet, Duque.  Unknown to the rebels, the ultimate terror is yet to be unleashed, the Zombiesaurus!  An epic battle between the undead monstrosity and the crack unit is inevitable, but who will conquer?  Will it be the human race, or will earth be doomed to spend eternity in the Undead Jurassic period?


With a title like Zombiesaurus, big things are expected.  Initial effects and story wet the appetite, if only it continued.  Sadly what happens is reflective of a group of headless chickens, running around the Crystal Maze looking for the next challenge room.  The film is saved by a couple of memorable scenes, one Blazing Saddles influenced and the Zombiesaurus mobility either by skateboard or human legs inside the prosthetic beast.  This makes the movie that little bit awesome, but  it could have been so much better.





Starring: Raquel Pennington, Andy Haman 

Special Appearance: Jason Hagan

Director: Milko Davis

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