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Released in 2014, Wolfcop set in Woodhaven, a small town with a small town cop, Lou Garou, who drinks too much and does too little. 


One night, acting out of character, Lou follows up on disturbance call. Shortly after arriving he's attacked, waking up the next morning in his own bed, but with no knowledge or memory of the previous night or how he got home.

Lou however is somewhat, different. With markings cut into his body, heightened senses and razors strangely having no effect when shaving. But upon the full moon that night he transforms, not just into a wolf, but into Wolfcop!

How did this happen? Why did this happen? Lou investigates and is disturbed to discover, he is not the first, but will he be the last?

Wolfcop, part wolf, part cop, full on enjoyment.  From the outset it is obvious to any fan of comedy horror that this is going to be a blast!


From the story, casting and initial epic transformation from man to wolf (one of the best caught on camera and will make you howl!), to the "A-Team" inspired car modification, awesome soundtrack and even the romantic love scene to keep non-believer loved one happy, Wolfcop is a trip to enjoy again and again.

Slight negative, 75 minutes? However....Arrrrrrooooooooo!


Starring: Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Sarah Lind, Jonathan Cherry

Director: Lowell Dean

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