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Who's Jenna...?

Released in 2018, Who's Jenna...? Jenna Casey, a paralegal who is also an aspiring lawyer, meets Jonathan Burke, a highly successful financial advisor on a night where he is celebrating his 40th birthday and it's love at first sight.


Unfortunately for Jonathan there are a few issues standing between him and Jenna. Not only does Jonathan have to deal with his best friend Andy's obsession with adult films, but Andy also thinks Jenna looks exactly like a famous adult film star and will stop at nothing to prove it.


To make matters worse, Jonathan's egotistical and hypocritical boss, Joe, appears to be blackmailing him and things only get more complicated when Jonathan discovers that Joe is also Jenna's brother-in-law.


Who ever said that love was easy?


Who’s Jenna...? A Rom-Com, and a first for The B! Well, here goes nothing.....


Boldly going where others are wary of treading, Who’s Jenna...? is a 40+ romantic comedy (and cue the shouts of “what about the 40 year old virgin?”), and does make a refreshing change to the usual bracketed format for a Rom-Com (teen to 30’s or 60+).


From the opening scene, the viewer is lead in the direction of a witty, verbally colourful, potentially excellent presentation. So with the appetite wet, are our expectations met..............? Well, sort of.


Who’s Jenna...? is a “nice” movie, and maybe that’s the issue? When you begin a journey in one direction, the expectation is that we will continue on the same road. Who’s Jenna...? however ends up driving you down the middle of the road and promptly swings a right into mellow street. From the intro and with the subject matter being adult porn, adult porn fantasy, adult porn stars, a bit more.......controversy is and probably should be expected, yes there is the odd “knob” joke but by the end, you feel content and happy at watching...... a “nice” movie.


With great performances and production assisting the awesome soundtrack and generally very funny humour, Who’s Jenna...? is a worthy watch, probably with a loved one and a bottle of “nice” red wine, but it could so easily have been a night with the gang, a keg of beer and belly ache from laughing.


Give it a go, a classic missed but enjoyable....hint when you think it’s over...keep watching.


Starring: Tracey Birdsall, Bill Sorvino, Joseph D’Onofrio, Edwin Guerrero, Michael Tota, Garry Pastore, Vic Dibitetto, Vincent Pastore


Special Appearance: Amber Lynn


Director: Tom Baldinger

Available on VOD & DVD from 24th April 2018.

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