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Added 14th November 2018

Upstate Story

Released in 2018, Upstate Story tells the tale of a desperate man, Ellis, who works for a cleaning service.


Seeking new employment, he yearns for the innocence and ease of his past, whilst living solely for and anticipating his weekends.


However, getting to this point is no easy task.......

Upstate Story, the story of a man, a man with a mundane job, no friends, no real purpose........and generally no life. So surely a film about nothing is meaningless and cannot be entertaining in the slightest?

Watching Ellis suffer through his monochrome, depressing, lifeless week is very thought provoking, especially when you add the way that the story is told through the narration of the main character. And it's this narration that pulls you in, taking the onscreen connection felt towards Ellis onto another level, a personal level, almost like you listening in on a very private audio dairy, beautifully told.

The interaction between the characters also is perfectly portrayed, in a way again that focuses all the attention onto Ellis, as he forces his way through life, all the way to the weekend.........but why?

Upstate Story, a very highly recommended, very low budget, very impressive feature, that's currently free to view....why wouldn't you?


Starring: Shaun Rose, Kendra Mosher, Adrianna Rose, Keenan Rose, Bruce Rose Sr.


Director: Shaun Rose

You can view Upstate Story HERE via YouTube

Upstate Story
Upstate Story
Upstate Story
Upstate Story

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