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Ugly Sweater Party

Added 6th December 2018

Ugly Sweater Party

Released in 2018, on Christmas Eve at a campsite deep in the woods, an Ugly Sweater Party is in full swing.


Best friends Cliff and Jody arrive expecting some mistletoe action from the sexy twins who invited them, but soon realize that they are at a Bible camp. To make matters worse, Cliff is wearing a sweater possessed by the ghost of notorious serial killer Declan Rains.

While the evil sweater slowly possesses Cliff, Jody also realizes that the party guests aren’t as innocent as they first seem. In fact, every camper holds a dark secret that infuses the party with dangerous sexual tension. Just when the pressure between campers reaches a fever pitch, Cliff falls victim to the bloodthirsty rage of the diabolical sweater and a new nightmare begins.

Love them or hate them, "ugly sweaters" are here to stay, and when  they're involved in a party......there's obviously potential for a movie......but not just a movie, a true Christmas B-Movie.

Ugly Sweater Party is a good, rather unexpected story that develops well with ample horror, gore and comedy, presented and edited in a way that provides a real flow to the proceedings.


Offering excellent practical effects and perfect casting, especially for the two main leads Chudabala (Cliff) and Johnson (Jody) and their buddy onscreen chemistry, making Ugly Sweater Party a winner winner Christmas dinner!

Ugly Sweater Party, a Christmas movie more worthy to kick off the festive celebrations early rather than putting up the decorations in November, and it's a Christmas cracker!

Add it to your wish list.........BTW, you'll be humming the theme tune all the way to the new years eve!


Starring: Felissa Rose, Sean Whalen, Hunter Johnson, 

Charles Chudabala, Marv Blauvelt, Tiffani Brooke Fest, Emily Dahm,

Laura Jean


Director: Aaron Mento

Available now on VOD via Amazon Prime;

Ugly Sweater Party
Ugly Sweater Party
Ugly Sweater Party
Ugly Sweater Party

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