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Added 17th May 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson


Released in 2019,


Jackie, an ageing drag queen having recently been diagnosed with cancer, forms an unlikely friendship with Faith, a younger queen also  coping with their own issues.

Against doctors orders, Jackie/Jack decides not to live a more "relaxed" life but to enjoy every last minute of it, joined by Faith on the epic journey they learn more about each other and realize how to truly be themselves.

Tucked, a gritty comedy drama predominantly set in a Brighton drag queen nightclub. With ample "grit" being provided from the stereotypical nightlife and the treatment of the stars of the show, the "drama" from the very real issue of the big "C" word and the ongoing story of a dying man and his quest to live life to the full, with brits then do what brits do best and turn the impossible into possible by adding plenty of the other big "C" word, comedy. 

Remarkably cast, the two leads Nesbitt (Jackie) and Stephens (Faith), two not so obvious choices, I mean, how much persuasion must it have taken to get an actor who's shared the screen with the likes of Richard Burton, and 50% of the platinum recording artist Rizzle Kicks to sign up to dressing in drag and bare so much on screen, well, maybe not much after they read the script and realized the on screen baring would be their heart and souls of this heart warming story.


The onscreen chemistry they create truly does grab your attention instantly and more importantly your heart, then it pulls you along through the duos ups and downs and the trials and tribulations of this unlikely pairing of both the characters and the actors.

Tucked, not just a movie that will obviously appeal to the LGBT community, but a beautiful tale of love, mortality, and a friendship separated by generations.

Great British comedy drama at it's finest.......up yours cancer!



Starring: Derren Nesbitt, Jordan Stephens, Steve Oram,

April Pearson

Director: Jamie Patterson

Tucked is on general release from today, check out the official website HERE for more information.

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