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Truth Or Dare

Released in 2013, The Truth Or Dare-Devils are a group college students who gain world-wide fame from their uploaded videos to YouTube, based on an extreme version of Truth Or Dare.

Heroes to most, especially to obsessive fan Derik, until he's ignored, mocked and even deceived. 

Jennifer, Ray, Courtney, Tony, Michelle and John, are about to discover just how outrageous a game of Truth Or Dare can become, when a psycho is in control of the rules, the dares and more significantly, the truth.


Truth or Dare, definitely not for the weak!  With enough gore to make "The Hostel" feel like an episode of "The Hotel Inspector" and a storyline that takes you to darker, then darker.......and even darker places.


Filmed in a small, intimate location (which you find yourself forgetting), you are drawn in, intrigued by the characters, their secrets and inevitable horrendous suffering, somehow without being offended by how far the boundaries are pushed.


Great performance by all, especially by Ryan Kiser and his portrayal of Derik B Smith, one of the great "Psycho" characters on the B-Movie screen.

An unexpected surprise.


Starring: Jessica Cameron, Ryan Kiser, Heather Dorff

Director: Jessica Cameron

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