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  "Let me out of this f***ing house!!!"  

True Fiction

Added 13th September 2019

Review by: Jane Alexandra Foster

True Fiction

Released in 2019

True Fiction

Avery Malone is a struggling writer, and with no family to support her she must make ends meet. When a job comes up as research assistant for famous author, Caleb Conran, she begs for the job, even though her lack of confidence trips her up.


Surprised and delighted when she actually gets the job, she pushes her misgivings to one side when she learns she will be part of an experiment which involves just the two of them inside a locked house, exploring and recording the nature of fear as research for his next book.

What could possibly go wrong? As the plot unfolds, the real genius of ‘

True Fiction is that not only is it set mainly in one location, a log-built house in the middle of beautiful nowhere, but it’s also mainly a nifty two hander.


True Fiction is also a good psychological battle, with good twists and turns along the way, and a truly vicious battle of wills between the main characters. Well written and directed by Braden Croft, True Fiction is also shot and lit very competently by upcoming cinematographer Ian Lister. The camera is always where it needs to be which helps the story, and it is hoped that Mr Lister is destined for many more films. The edit and sound are also very professional, but a tad generic.


This, along with a few over-worn horror tropes give the film a ‘commercial’ feel in places, but hey, who’s complaining? This film is likely to make it to a wide release because it’s also a bankable, well-made film.

Also, for all its slick production values, True Fiction is also a low budget flick that's shot 90% in one location, with two actors, minimal effects, and relies on good writing, direction and great efforts from the cast and crew.


Reminiscent of "Misery" (1990) and "Sleuth" (1972), True Fiction also sets antagonist against a protagonist, then switches them around more than once, relying on psychological fear and cruelty in the story and great acting to give the audience its kicks.


In this case, new comer, Sarah Garcia really gives her all as Avery, and established talent John Cassini plays wonderfully opposite her.

For a Friday night flick this is a good one, and let’s hope there’s more like it in the pipeline.

true fiction
true fiction
true fiction
true fiction
true fiction


Starring: Sarah Garcia, John Cassini, Julian Richings, Catherine Gell

Julian Black Antelope, Jason Schneider, Reamonn Joshee

Director: Brandon Croft

True Fiction received its European Premiere at 

Arrow Frightfest 2019 . For further updates keep and eye on

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