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Troll 2

Released in 1990, Troll 2 is the story of the Waits family and their home exchange vacation with a family residing in a rural village, oddly named "NILBOG".  Unbeknown to the Waits, nilboG is not all it seems.

The youngest family member Joshua, becomes aware of their 

desperate situation (by unnatural sources), that the entire village is not inhabited by humans, but by monstrous Goblins whose only desire is to feed them, before they eat them!!


Will the rest of the family believe Joshua and heed his warnings or will it be the belt for our young hero?  The Goblins eager, but will they have to Wait for dinner.....


To say Troll 2 is legendary is an understatement.  From the outset, it is obvious to the viewer that this B-Movie is in a league of it's own. 


It is generally agreed that this is the "Best Worst Movie" ever made, making it that little bit awesome and creating a massive cult following.  From the dire acting (it is worth noting that all the "stars" auditioned as extras), to the appalling storyline, this B-Movie will leave you cringing, even contemplating turning off after 15 minutes, yet somehow you are drawn in, wanting more and more.

A must see, if you can handle it!


Starring: George Hardy, Michael Paul Stephenson, Deborah Reed

Director: Claudio Fragasso

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