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Added 22nd October 2018


Released in 2017, Trauma........Chile 1973, after the military strike puts a dramatic end to president Allende‘s government, General Augusto Pinochet rules the country with blood and fire. Gruesome and unpunished murders took place in the shadows of the Chilean dictatorship.


In the present day, what could have been a pleasant weekend in the countryside for a group of young women, turns into a nightmarish run to escape the horror that survived. As more locals are involved, and the lustful bloodbath gets unleashed, one by one the unlucky visitors must confront the unspeakable evil that lies inside ordinary men.


Trauma, not for the weak! Minutes into the opening scene, the viewer will know if they intend to continue watching this feature until the bitter end.

Whilst controversial films come along thick and fast in this modern world, with the likes of Antichrist, A Serbian Film and Hostel, just to name a few doing their very best.....or worst to shock, Trauma is truly brutal with viewer discretion definitely recommended as it will take you to some deep and dark places, making the aforementioned comparable to Jesus Christ Superstar, Confessions Of A Window Cleaner and an episode of The Hotel Inspector, respectively.

That said, behind the savagery there is a pretty good story, setting the foundation for a good movie, frighteningly inspired by real events (that's the true horror), which is expertly portrayed and transferred onto the screen........and that's what it is, a movie, sometimes forgotten in the PC mad world of today.

Trauma, if it's your thing, it's a must.....if not, catch it in around 40 years time when it'll be socially acceptable like the "brutal" films of yesteryear are now.


Starring: Catalina Martin, Daniel Antivilo, Macarena Carrere, Ximena del Solar, Felipe Ríos, Dominga Bofill, Eduardo Paxeco, Claudio Riveros, Max Torres, Alejandro Trejo


Director: : Lucio A Rojas

Available on Blu-ray and DVD this October (Subtitles), also check out for all the latest.

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