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Kevin Walters Tower Rats

Added 6th November 2020

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Tower Rats

Due for released in 2020

Kevin Walter's Tower Rats

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.......and others........Kevin Walter invites you to take a trip into Fresno to meet the infamous Tower District residents.........are you ready?

So after years in the making with too many cuts and edit after edit to mention (even at the writing of this review, is it the final cut? Who knows!), Kevin Walter's Tower Rats is about to be unleashed on the general public.............are you ready indeed.......and the answer is probably no!

The first detail that is evident about Tower Rats is the plot......or rather the lack of which is proudly boasted. Tower Rats is not your usual story that follows a set route, but more a sequence of scenes, randomly shot, collated and presented in an equally random form and format, with teeny tiny segments that do pay some sort of resemblance to a kind of story, that being the life and loves of the features main character, Betsy Mondo.

Now here is where the weird of weirdness begins, Betsy Mondo, who just happens to be a hermaphrodite (of course), played by YouTuber and wannabee social media star, Dominic Schmidt, who's performance alone is Oscar worthy........or maybe just a true reflection on the real life of Dominic, one can only hope and pray that it's the former, the men in white coats we are sure have been called on regular occasions with "caring" online comments requesting Dominic seeks help after viewing his uploads.

As for the scenes, these are so very random due to the collaboration of a team of global filmmakers and cast, participating, sometimes reluctantly, from their global locations. Tower Rats is like everyone shot their pieces, isolated from each other, during some sort of strange worldwide pandemic and lock down period.......before anyone knew what a lock down was!? Kevin Walter the prophet........?

To be fair, some of the scenes are very humorous and reminiscent of an old UK weekly terrestrial TV program, Eurotrash, with many a happy (and at times VERY happy), artistic and sometimes not so happy male and female genitalia on display, anyone who stumbles onto Tower Rats could be very easily offended.......but hey, that's Troma for you, if don't like it, you shouldn't look for it.

Tower Rats, definitely Troma, definitely OFFENSIVE, definitely exhausting, absolutely random and trundles along at 100 mph with rare pauses for you take a breath courtesy of excellent cutaways, animation and an EPIC, kickass soundtrack.

It's alive.......alive.....Kevin Walter, what have you done????

Tower Rats
Tower Rats
tower rats
Tower Rats
Tower Rats
Towers Rats


Starring: Dominic Schmidt, Mercedes the Muse, Lloyd Kaufman, Carlotta Moore, Tyler Gallant, Doug Sakmann, Bart Hyatt,

Jason Oddi, Trent Haaga, John Brennan, Doug Sakmann and many more........

Special Appearance: Me!

Director: Kevin Walter


Tower Rats will be available soon from Troma Now, sign up for a

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