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Added 27th October 2018

The Witch In The Window

Released in 2018, The Witch In The Window, Simon and his estranged twelve-year-old son, Finn, head to Vermont to repair an old farmhouse - and hopefully, their relationship too.


Shortly after arriving, they learn of the previous owner, an infamously cruel woman named Lydia who may have never left.


As Simon makes repairs, he's also making Lydia's spirit stronger..... until a terrifying encounter leaves him doubting whether he can protect his son from the evil that's making its way into their heads, and hearts.

The Witch In The Window (TWITW), a very pleasant surprise from it's UK screenings this year (European premier at Frightfest and then Grimmfest).


TWITW is a very credible horror story, some may say a little slow, but by rather cleverly focusing on the developing and very believable onscreen relationship between the main characters, the viewer really connects with the father/son bond and is pulled into their story. The horror that is then delivered when they finally meet Lydia, is personal and epic!

And there's another treat, Lydia. An excellent performance by  Carole Stanzione helped to win "BEST SCARE" at Grimmfest, and it's the "scare" that makes TWITW a winner. 

With it's creepy, dark, eerily unexpected horror timing, along with stunning cinematography and phenomenal ending, TWITW is a must for any horror fan, especially if you like.......different.


Starring: Alex Draper, Charlie Tacker, Greg Naughton, Arija Bareikis, Carole Stanzione


Director: Andy Mitton

TWITW is available on SHUDDER, watch this space for further updates and information, if the opportunity arises, check it out on the big screen.


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The Witch In The Window
The Witch In The Window
The Witch In The Window
The Witch In The Window
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