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the wind

Added 28th August 2019

Review by: Martin Tranter

The Wind

Released in 2019

The Wind

Lizzy and Isaac are experienced farmers used to being self-reliant in harsh terrain, so when Emma and Gideon settle nearby they try and help the couple obviously in over their heads.


But Lizzy thinks the newcomers are strange and still coping with the recent loss of a child and begins to wonder if the constant wind is a sign of an evil presence.


The Wind is a film that grips you from the first moments. When Lizzy (Gerard) is standing on the steps, you are sat there wondering what has just ripped her world apart, it is a gut-wrenching opening.

Being a story of isolation and how one woman tries to cope with the loneliness, Caitlin Gerard does an amazing job and the viewer is invested in her actions and thoughts for the whole film. The main character is left on her own for days at a time and when another couple moves in not far away she shows no trust at all in them.

The latter half of The Wind portrays when her thoughts are fixated on demons and we have to decide what is real and what is not. There is one real “jump” moment which had my heart racing too.

There are only a handful of characters but this does not hinder the film in any way, with the help from sumptuous camera shots and angles for close ups and a soundtrack that is haunting which matches all the work of the Director.

The Wind, engrossing from beginning to end where your heart feels a little heavier and is an excellent feature that is thrilling and draws you into its characters thoughts.

the wind
the wind
the wind
the wind


Starring: Caitlin Gerard, Julia Goldani Telles, Ashley Zukerman,

Miles Anderson, Dylan McTee

Director: Emma Tammi


The Wind received its English Premiere at Arrow Frightfest 2019

and will be available Digital HD 2nd September 2019 courtesy of

Signature Entertainment.

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