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 "The power to oversee everything" 

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Added 9th March 2019

Review by: Jane Alexandra Foster

The Watchman's Edict

Released in 2017,

The Watchman's Edict, tough journalist Raymond Jarvis has won awards and prides himself on exposing the truth no matter what. However, when he stumbles onto a behind closed doors, sinister government conspiracy to vote through a piece of legislation which would lead to a severe abuse of everyone’s civil liberty, he finds his life on the line as those in power try to silence him, before he can expose and stop the vote.


They're watching.  

Original concept, ambitiously thought out, ‘The Watchman’s Edict,’ sits right on the edge of a competent first, zero budget feature and a film that needed more development. The characters are well on their way to being interesting, and the story is nicely told, with a mounting, if slightly uneven tension which culminates well in the final scenes.


However, heaps more planning and attention to production, all possible even on this tiny budget, would’ve slicked up and turned what was a good idea, into a passable thriller.  Sadly, instead, due to very basic photography, lighting and meagre coverage, for which there is no excuse whatever camera is used, the film only just makes it out of 1st gear.

The same problem also plagues the audio, which in places, is not as easy to hear as it should be, and distracts an audience’s attempt to engage. In places the music is mixed too loud, drowning out suspense instead of building it. In other places, the dialog could’ve been more clearly thought out, rehearsed and recorded, especially given that this is a conspiracy film, where every word should count towards a plot.


The ambition of the story and the flow throughout is applaudable, and the film makers potential and a fair dollop of talent comes through. So much so, that if the film makers were to make another film, it’d definitely be worth a watch.  

The Watchman's Edict
The Watchman's Edict
The Watchman's Edict
The Watchman's Edict


Starring: Troy D Williams, Scot Smith, Craig Raymond, Tai Nelson
John Hardy, David Raizor, Jeff Evans, Janice Fisher, Alexandra Balda

Director: Bryan Boykins

The Watchman's Edict is available on DVD and Blu-ray via the

Official website HERE and is currently on the festival tour.

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