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 "They destroy anything, and everything" 


Added 24th January 2019

The Stray

Released in 2016, The Stray, set in the former United States of America after a severe nuclear fallout has decimated most of the population and has transformed countless former humans into ghoulish, flesh eating monsters.


The story follows Tracy Arnold who struggles to survive all the while being forced to face his tortured past and the stray that refuses to let him forget.

The Stray, a post apocalyptic zombie movie with a difference.

Uniquely set in the past and in an alternate timeline after JFK failed to prevent the Cuban Missile crisis in 1962, provides an interesting angle on the current zombie fetish taking over the world.

Zombies obviously provide most of the horror and gore entertainment and to be fair for a low budget feature, are excellently performed by quite a cast of extras, with ample blood splattering provided to feed the  thirst.  

Other performances are slightly "hit and miss" but the onscreen friendships and enemies (non-zombie) are believable and work well as we get to understand and eventually bond with the main character, Tracy Arnold, as his tortured story unfolds.

One gripe, although The Stray is set in the 60's, you do have to remind yourself every now and again as the general look and feel of the movie is post millennium, with a bit more effort in the costume and prop departments, the bar would have definitely been raised.


The Stray, an interesting offering on the zombie genre no doubt influenced by the successful "The Walking Dead" series and is a worthy "fix" for the mid or season intervals, however the story that drops nicely into place here is the true star.

Don't let it Stray off the radar.


The Stray
The Stray
The Stray
The Stray


Starring: Joe Leatherman, Cameron Carey, Mark S. Esch,

Ryan Woebbeking, Rachael Klopfenstein, Matthew Finney, Richard Hackel, Nathaniel E. Barr, Tony Shafer

Director: Cam Clark

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