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The Middle Finger

Released in 2016, Dennis, a lonely, frustrated teenager, held back at school, has an unearthly encounter with a being that will change his life forever.


Dennis, confused but agrees to become a superhero, his symbol, an international sign that says screws you to crime, becoming fondly know as, The Middle Finger.


With the world in danger from an unknown force, will this powerful ranger have enough in his locker to kick ass and save the day?

The Middle Finger, a welcome treat from Ireland that sends a clear message to it's multi million pound cousins cut from the same cloth. 

With good comedy and excellent fight scenes that make the WWF look like the MMA, The Middle Finger is a decent watch, our only negative, a little slow for some tastes.


Starring: Séamus Hanly, Casey Jones, Simon Mulholland, Matthew Kelly, Rebecca Dore

Director: Séamus Hanly

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