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The Litch

Released in 2018, The Litch, an undead zombie wizard hell-bent on devouring his victims and possessing the weak.

When his sacred crystal is stolen by small-time crook Vinnie (Balsamo), the Litch (Stein) will use all of its power to retrieve the crystal in order to rule the four worlds.

Vinnie has no idea he has awoken the Litch from its crypt. The lovable losers jaded past literally comes back to haunt him when the Litch turns Vinnie's friends and family into monster slaves, raising the dead and assembling an army of zombies to try to destroy Vinnie and retrieve the crystal.

He's not a demon, he's not a witch, so run for your life, here comes The Litch.

The Litch, developed from the creative mind of undoubtedly the happiest and most enthusiastic man in the B-Movie industry, James Balsamo. Generally with a Balsamo B-Movie, you know what you're in for, and The Litch doesn't disappoint.   

Balsamo proves he knows his audience well with the likes of delivering enough cameos to make a Shark in a Tornado envious, the obligatory boobs and blood........and more boobs again, and gutter comedy supplied at a fast action pace, if slightly random at times.

It is these random moments that unfortunately do have a negative affect on the story, however if you get the BIG names, you do have to get them in somewhere, but it should be without interrupting the natural flow of the story, that said........they are funny, very funny!

The Litch, great comedy/horror moments, if a bit chaotic, one to enjoy maybe with a beer or two, or three, or four! 


Starring: James Balsamo, Dave Stein, Tom Sizemore, Debra Lamb, Genoveva Rossi, Dick Warlock, Richard Chandler, Jason Finney, Terra Strong, Lloyd Kaufman

Director: James Balsamo

The Litch is showing at this years Grossfest, check it out here with a personal appearance by James Balsamo and The Litch himself, Dave Stein.

Also available on VOD via Vimeo, link here.

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