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Added 27th August 2021
Review by: Jane Alexandra Foster

The Last Bus

Released in 2021

The Last Bus

When pensioner Tom Logan’s wife dies, he is devastated, and desperately wants to scatter her ashes where they first met, all the way down in Land’s End. However, Tom now lives in the far north of Scotland, and has no real way to get there, but he does have a bus pass. In a ‘last chance at life’ adventure, he plans out a route using local buses, and sets off.

Along the way he encounters obstacles, disappointments, joys, triumphs and pains, but tenaciously sticks to his plan.

Played beautifully by accomplished English actor Timothy Spall, this film is tailor made for an afternoon crowd wanting a heart-warming, very well-crafted film. ‘The Last Bus,’ also works wonderfully well on the big screen, as we follow Tom through pretty English countryside, and familiar towns and cities, to his final destination.  

The production is seamless, which when considering the large number of different buses, locations and extra actors needed is to be marveled at. ‘The Last Bus,’ is also a very modern British Film, and gives a glimpse of our multi-cultural lifestyle, as well as how our modern landscape looks in 2021. The drama is of the real and gritty variety, and although there are a few inconsistencies in the script, Timothy Spall and the director, Gillies MacKinnon really pull the film into a lovely journey indeed.

BAFTA nominated Gillies brings depth, warmth and a touch of whimsy to the film, and Timothy Spall’s earnest, lovely performance is backed up by some good acting from a big cast of regular actors, all relatively unknown. In a way the film champions the underdog, which Tom’s character is, and it champions out of work actors, a fair few who got a few days work from this film. This is to be applauded in these post pandemic days, and it must’ve been a tricky shooting schedule too.       


‘We are here for you,’ some of Tom’s increasingly large band of followers say, and this would seem to apply to the production of the film too. Many hands made ‘The Last Bus,’ all clearly pulling together even in these days of social distancing.


‘The Last Bus,’ will of course appeal to an older audience, but the themes of social unity/diversity, loss and grief apply to us all, which makes the film a good all round family film too.


Grab your pop corn and enjoy.

The Last Bus
The Last Bus
The Last Bus
The Last Bus
The Last Bus


Starring: Timothy Spall, Phyllis Logan


Writer: Joe Ainsworth


Director: Gillies MacKinnon

THE LAST BUS is screening Nationwide from today.

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