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Added 24th March 2019

Review by: Greg DeLiso

The Killing Death

Released in 2008

The Killing Death

Chicago Phil travels through his past relations butchering them in horrific ways. Frank, a veteran cop leads Jimmy through his first case trying to piece together the seemingly unrelated crimes and investigate a serial killer, that’s trying to make the ultimate pizza!

Terror by the slice!

This is no budget filmmaking at its finest. If you’re tired of the plastic, gloss of professionals, and I’m not kidding (also not trying to be as pretentious as I sound) check out Ian Russell’s first movie from 2008, the amazingly titled The Killing Death.

It’s a comedy with jokes, some bad, some OK, I love all joke attempts.  It’s a comedy with tone too, I also loved the soundtrack. Dreary tones by Bogman (soundtrack artist) slide under the scenery while the killer hangs out with his, maybe, next victim.


The movie opens with some intense music and text that comes flying at you, sometimes way too fast to read! It doesn’t matter. There are moments of real tension in the middle. It’s like PT Anderson with a tiny video camera. This is a hand crafted movie, shot on real locations by some real people with fun ideas.


Unlike most movies on this level, I was NOT constantly adjusting the volume to compensate for poor audio editing so, good job guys. The shots are sometimes shaky and poorly lit, but they’re rustic. The design is minimal, not empty and the performances are delivered, in earnest, some of them are good. I liked the pair of detectives and the pizza serial killer man was good too.   

If you like movies by guys like Bill Zebub you’ll like this, I think this is better. You won’t see anything like this at your local AMC theater chain, that’s for sure. It’s another child of the John Waters no budget mystique. I love it!

The Killing Death
The Killing Death
The Killing Death
The Killing Death



Starring: Jeremy Dangerfield, Tyhr Trubiak, Neil Reimer

Director: Ian Russell

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