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  "I didn't think you'd come”  


Added 27th April 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson


Released in 2018


No fantasy is too obscene at the masquerade balls hosted by Christian King, known to her guests as X. The monthly masked debauchery that takes place at her beachside estate is all fun and games until the arrival of an unexpected guest from Christian's past threatens to bring to light her darkest secret: she is a voyeur who keeps a hidden camera in the guest bathroom.

X - Keep your eyes open.......

'X', a full length Directorial debut by it's co-writer Scott J Ramsey that made it's UK premier at the Starburst International Film Festival in Manchester earlier this year.


With a synopsis and trailer that definitely raises an eyebrow, it is with an open mind, and making sure Grandma's not watching, that viewing commences.....and what follows is not the voyeuristic sexploitation presentation maybe expected, but a feature of epic quality with a very credible and interesting story.

Centering around the three main characters, Christian (Raymond), Stella (Boivin) and Danny (Smick), their stories unfold and develop in  what they hope will and should remain within the secretive surroundings of the privately run, anything goes parties, however the issue with secrets is keeping them, and coping with the reality of what happens once the sun rises and a new public domain day begins.

Influenced by Cronenberg and Verhoeven's "alternative" releases, the production quality alone makes 'X' a very impressive indie film, worthy of viewing on big screen with an audio setup to suit it's remarkable score. With the soundtrack also being available, combining the two makes 'X' more of an experience than just a viewing pleasure.

The B Club recommends that if you have the opportunity to catch 'X' on an individual screening or on the festival tour, do it, as when the eventual VOD or other releases are available, the impact on the enjoyment of this feature presentation may be affected.

Running at over 2 hours long and with topic that is not to everyone's  taste, it may take 'X' a while to develop a fan base to reach the success levels it deserves, however it is more than an enjoyable watch and experience, maybe even with Grandma........after all, everybody loves X! 

The Foundation Presents X


Starring: Hope Raymond, Eliza Boivin, Brian Smick, Zachary Cowan

Valerie Façhman 

Director: Scott J Ramsey

Check out the official 'X' website HERE to keep up to date and get your hands on the soundtrack which is available now.

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