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The Control Group

Released in 2014, Five college students wake up in an abandoned, maximum security insane asylum, with their destiny in the hands of, The Control Group.


High on drugs and unsure of what is real or not, they become subject to a series of bizarre experiments that also unwittingly release a strange supernatural force.

Will they escape or will the unnatural presence succeed and take full control of the experiment and The Control Group?

The Control Group is pretty decent story with a slick production and special effects to please both B-Movie fans and gore lovers.


TCG is also filmed with a series of flash backs, this along with the confusion of what is or is not a hallucination, not only makes the film, but also probably saves it. If the movie did follow a natural timeline it may have been considered as background viewing only...............clever?

A worthy watch, but give it your full attention or it may be a wasteful 1.1/2 hours.


Starring: Brad Dourif, Ross Destiche, Jenna Enemy, Justen Jones, Monique Candelaria, Jerry G Angelo, Kodi Saint Angelo, Merisha Johnson, Taso N Stavrakis

Special Appearance: Chucky (for the keen eye!)

Director: Peter Hurd

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