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 "I'd like to know why you did what you did" 


Added 9th March 2019

Review by: Jane Alexandra Foster

The Bush Knife

Initially released in 2017,

The Bush Knife, William Singh is an average family man, but when he inadvertently crosses the local mafia boss, who goes under the name of, ‘The Skull,’ retribution is swift. The Skull murders William’s wife and sets the house on fire, with his daughters entombed within.

William is now thrown into the depths of despair and bent on revenge, but Detective Rome, the local police chief, who befriends William, urges caution, as he strongly suspects that the Skull still has kept William’s daughters alive for reasons as yet unknown. Now with a renewed resolve, William recklessly sets about getting them back. Alas he is beaten, and left for dead, but when he is saved by a local martial arts expert who offers to train him in the ancient art of knife combat, William’s luck changes.

The Bush Knife is a not unimpressive take on many of the super hero, super warrior stories, currently so popular world-wide. With a distinctly fan feel, The Bush Knife is an honest homage and passable, zero budget take on all such tales.


Bruce Gounder as the underdog William, turned super hero, plays his part with style and gung-ho confidence. The other actors also relish their roles, which makes The Bush Knife hard not to like, even if it’s completely unbelievable in places. This is normally the result of confident direction, but which along with inexperience and strong creative vision, can result in a film with cult potential.


The resulting film is not subtle, but it’s a fun world which just about holds together, supported by the faith of those making it. The camera tells the story just fine, and the audio is properly mixed, if raw in places. However, there’s a sincere desire to entertain, and enough to engage in places.


Give it a look with a bunch of mates and a few beers.

The Bush Knife
The Bush Knife
The Bush Knife
The Bush Knife



Starring: Bruce Gounder, Jerome Naidu, Ryan Mayne, Jerome Naidu

Elanza Prinsloo, Nerissa Reddy

Director: Renaldo Kell

The Bush Knife is now available on Prime via the links below;

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