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The Biggest Little Farm

Added 28th November 2019

Review by: Jane Alexandra Foster

The Biggest Little Farm

Released in 2019

The Biggest Little Farm

When the barking of John and Molly Chester’s dog Todd, became so problematic that they faced eviction due to noise complaints, it was the spur and catalyst for them following a dream they had had for some time, to set up a ‘traditional’, and sustainable farm. 


After a massive fundraising drive, they bought a rundown farm, called, Apricot Farm, which is about an hour’s drive from Los Angeles.


The Biggest Little Farm, is the story that unfolded after.


Molly was a chef on film sets and for the film industry, and John was a cameraman, so it felt natural for them to document every step of the way. This footage shot over 7-8 years, records the relationships that then developed with their loyal helpers, advisors, and most importantly with the animals. They then collated and built the results into what is one of the best, independent documentaries of its genre.

Yes, it might be said that they had the tools and the skillset, but the talent and patience this film took to make is applaudable in every way, and it deserves all of the accolades and awards it has been put up for.

The Biggest Little Farm is a journey of passion, love and struggle for the land, the animals and the plants that make up planet Earth. It's also a wonderful expose on the relationships between all Earth’s inhabitants, the natural cycles of life and very necessary death, and how when in balance and understood and respected by us, results in natural abundance for all.    

With the addition of some very pretty wild life photography and fun graphics, The Biggest Little Farm shines as proof of the determination of two people to make a farm work. It also proves that this is the model all our farming should strive towards if we are to survive the climate changes and challenges to our food supplies we all face.

That bit of stern information aside, The Biggest Little Farm is simply a wonderful thrill ride and exploration into man’s relationship with nature, and just how amazing and wonderful it is. This is a must-see par excellence, especially for city dwellers who feel disconnected from nature. Take your kids, take everyone, take a deep breath in and feel alive.

The Biggest Little Farm is ultimate feel good, independent documentary film making at its very finest, and a fabulous film for Christmas too!

The Biggest Little Farm
The Biggest Little Farm
the biggest little farm
the biggest little farm
the biggest little farm


Starring: Molly Chester, John Chester, Todd the dog, and a wonderful cast of helpers and well-wishers.

Director: John Chester

The Biggest Little Farm is screening nationwide courtesy of Parkland Pictures from 29th November 2019.

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