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 "The universe has always existed" 

The Bestowal

Added 27th January 2020

Review by: Shaun Jackson

The Bestowal

Released in 2019

The Bestowal

Steven, a successful businessman is visited by an inter-dimensional being who appears in the form of a beautiful woman, at the lowest point in his life, where he is about to commit suicide. 

The Bestowal, listed as a science fiction, drama and romantic feature, quite a combination after reading the synopsis. Before viewing thoughts of a mash between the likes of Arrival or Contact and Meet Joe Black come to mind..........but then the viewing commences.

With just two cast members taking us on what appears to be a bizarre journey, predominately set within the confines of a house, namely three rooms, holding the viewers attention for over 1.1/2 hours is going to take some doing.

As the story moves forward through a series of "acts" with topical discussions between the two characters (some of which are very topical at the time of writing this review), there is a feeling that you are overhearing a conversation, sometimes intimate, between two people that you wish you could join in on. And that's the beauty of The Bestowal, an intriguing dialogue accompanied by a subtle score, that certainly grabs your attention and keeps it maintained.


It would be interesting to see The Bestowal take a different direction through each act, obviously with a larger budget, but that would be a private conversation for another day, with nobody listening in who hasn't seen the feature #SpoilerAlertsAvoided. 

If your idea of science fiction is a monumental galactic special effects extravaganza with swooshing camera shots and nail biting action, with

of course the epic one liners, you are definitely in the wrong place. If a thought provoking, intriguing story with excellent character development and connection is.......then The Bestowal is the perfectly wrapped gift.

The Bestowal
the bestowal
The Bestowal
the bestowal
the bestowal


Starring: Sam Brittan, Sharmita Bhattacharya

Director: Andrew de Burgh

The Bestowal is available now on most streaming platforms including Google Play and Amazon Prime in both the UK and USA.

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