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Added 30th July 2018

The After Party

Released in 2018, The After Party (short) introduces us to Skye Monroe,  a well-known social media queen, whom on her way home from another red carpet event decides to stop at a bar, for one last drink.

Upon entering the unfamiliar establishment she encounters four mysterious young woman shooting a game of pool, who rather uncomfortably seem to know far too much about her.

Horrific secrets revealed and stories told cause hostilities to rise as slowly but surely, the truth is revealed.

Will Skye and her millions of followers cope with her past, and what affect will the situation have on her immediate future?

The After Party, one last drink.....

The After Party, a short story that wouldn't go amiss as a feature in "The Twilight Zone" or the classic "Tales Of The Unexpected".

From the opening sequence, a classy, elegant and beautifully presented feature lays down the foundation for what is a thought provoking and excellent mystery/thriller.

The story that develops puts a spin on for what some people  consider to be a very real way of life. Skye's life is lived to the full and played out to the max on social media platforms with the more likes, shares and follows to her posts being the be all and end all, regardless of the consequences of her actions. It all does sound a little bit too real and familiar, doesn't it?

Excellent performances, albeit too brief, build the tension and eventually bring this short to its epic conclusion.

The After Party, too much of a short short (18 minutes, we want more!), but definitely one not to be missed, and we absolutely guarantee you'll want to view at least one more time, a bit like checking out again that regretful post you uploaded, at some point.......or did you delete it?



Starring: Rachel Amanda Bryant, Hilary Barraford, Denise Milfort, Ashley Platz, Veronica Sixtos, Aaron Gaffey, Tarnue Massaquoi 

Director: Colin Costello

The After Party premiered at the Chattanooga Film Festival earlier this year and played at the recent LA Short Film Festival.

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